Book Date #9


It’s been awhile since I participated in Book Date Monday, so I should definitely remedy that!

Last Week I Finished:

I actually read the graphic novel of these two books and I really enjoyed them. I like getting into the story again and makes me want to re-read the series, but technically, I just recently finished reading the whole thing last year. So maybe next year, for now I’m content with the graphic novels. Hopefully, they’ll come out with A Mark of Athena soon.

Currently Reading:

court of thorns and roses

Yes, I’m finally getting into this series. I really hope I will enjoy it because I bought the whole trilogy. So if I don’t boo on me. However, I did here a lot of good things about these books, so I want to get into the band wagon also.

Upcoming Read:

six of crows

I’m being really ambitious in reading these two hefty books, but I really do want to get to them this year and I think doing it this summer is the way to go. So Keeping my fingers crossed!


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