Graphic Novel Review: Heroes of Olympus

Author: Rick Riordan
Illustrated: First Book: Nate Powell Second Book: Orpheus Collar and Antoine Dode
Rating: 4/5

***This is a review of the graphic novel and not the storyline itself. If you want to read a review of the books, I have linked them at the end of this review. ***

Review: I’ll divide this review into two parts. They will be relatively short parts since I’m really just stating my thoughts on the graphic novel itself. The first part will be about the story, the second part will be about the graphics and an overall impression.


I’ve read the Heroes of Olympus Series fairly recent so my memory of the books is somewhat still fresh in my mind. I thoroughly enjoyed each book in the series and I believe each one is as important to the story arc as the other. There are some series where I feel that one book is not as necessary or one character is not as important, but with these characters and these books I think they are all pertinent to the overall story. I am sad to say that there are some changes that Riordan made in these books and it was a bit sad to see the changes. I would have preferred for all of the facts to remain the same and I’m not really sure why the changes were made considering it didn’t really make the book longer or shorter. I would have understood if such changes made the story shorter, for graphic novel purposes, but it didn’t. Obviously there were also some parts of the books that were omitted, which took away from the overall story. I would have wished that Riordan decided to stick to his original story line and made the graphic novel in volumes.


As you can tell from the covers, the graphics are wonderful, not as amazing as some graphic novels I’ve read in the past, but still well drawn by the illustrator(s). The colors that were used matches the mood of each scenes, which greatly helped in conveying mood of the setting. The Illustrators for both books are different, I do prefer the first book compared to the other, but either way they are still great graphics. I would have wished that the illustrators taken a greater detail in creating their heroes, since they are suppose to be demigods, even the gods could have used a bit of tweaking. Really I’m not one to complain since I can barely draw stick figures, I’m just a tad, little tiny bit, disappointed on how our heroes were drawn. I would have expected a grander, looking characters


I gave this book a 4 out of 5 stars, because I enjoyed re-reading the Heroes of Olympus allover again. My only problem are the changes that was made in each of the graphic novels. I would recommend these graphic novels to two types of readers, (1) those who are more of a graphic novel readers and (2) those who wants to re-read the series, but doesn’t really want to dive into the massive books. I won’t recommend them to readers who really want to read the actual books. I feel that if they read these graphic novels, rather than the books, they are missing out on a lot of details that is more easily conveyed in the written format.

Mind you the first and second books are the only ones that have been converted to graphic novels, just a warning, in case you want to dive into these thinking the whole series is finished.



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