TBR Challenge #7: Series Catch-up

a just clause

A Just Clause by Lorna Barrett

Rating: 3/5

Why? I’ve been reading this series for a few years now and I’m not really sure if I want to continue it. I really enjoy the setting and the minor characters, but the story is starting to get tedious and repetitive. Anyways, this is the latest book in the series and I grabbed the chance to read this as soon as possible since I want to be caught up with the books. This author usually release one book a year within this series.

Review: As I’ve stated before I’m not really sure if I want to continue reading these books since it’s starting to become repetitive. I still enjoy reading about the lives of the minor characters and their progression throughout the series. I’m not really a fan of Tricia, but she’s starting to step-up as a protagonist in this book. It’s a bit awkward that the Miles sisters are undergoing personal transformations at their age, but we’ll see where the author is going with this story.

As for the mystery, this is an open and shut case. Once you get used to Lorna Barrett’s writing and her choice of villains, you tend to instinctively know who the perpetrator is going to be. I still enjoy the mindless reading, since it’s pretty easy to immerse myself in the world that I’m so familiar with. Now that I read a lot more thrillers, I’m starting to loose some of my interest in cozies, but its still a comfort read for me. Maybe my mood will change when it gets colder. Cozies tend to be easier to read in colder months.

I think only time will tell if I will continue with this series. I’m still interested in finding out what happens to the Miles Family and all the other lovely characters I’ve gotten attached to, but I do wish something different would eventually happen in the next few books, either that or it’s time for Barrett to wrap up Tricia Miles’ story.



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