Top 5: Book Covers I’d Live in


This is quite an interesting topic since I’m very much a sucker for pretty covers. FYI I won’t really want to live in these world just ‘visit’ the world as seen on the covers.


These covers are to die for and the great stories within it is a BONUS! Seriously who wouldn’t want to be floating in space with a beautiful dress without the repercussions of non-breathable air!


The Firebird trilogy is eyegasm to the max. I love everything about these covers and it gets better and better as each book is released. I’m not a fan of time travel books, but I actually want to continue this series because the covers are so beautiful!

Forbidden Wish

I love this cover and actually picked it up because the cover attracted me from afar. I haven’t gotten around to reading it, but this cover makes you want to live in this smoke filled purplish hue.



I love the story of Alice and I especially love this version of the cover. It’s really interesting how it’s able to incorporate so many beautiful things that in Wonderland. Definitely a cover that I would want to live in


Yup, another trilogy with dresses. Not a fan of the story, but the covers are to die for. I actually don’t mind living in this world either. I may not enjoy the book, but the concept of this time travelling is interesting.





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