Reviewer & Review Policy

For Readers:

There are millions of blogs on the internet regarding book reviews, and I am not here to set myself apart from them. All I know is I love reading and its amazing to be able to share my thoughts on books that have made an impact on me, or even those that didn’t.

Some might say that I’m a genre snob, since I hardly read any non-fictions, but that’s just my preference. So please if you are searching for a blog filled with non-fiction books, this is not the place. Most books I read are mystery, science-fiction and fantasy novels. I will read an occasional romance/YA contemporary or two if it intrigues me enough. As far as I know I am easy to please. If the book can absorb me in their world and characters, then I’m usually hooked. My rating system is very similar to any rating system, 1 star being “bleh, it’s not for me” to 5 stars being “I couldn’t put it down”. I try not to have any DNF, but if that ever happens, then there is a very good reason as to why. Mind you all my reviews will have SPOILERS, and when I mean spoilers, I mean that the ending will be revealed. I will include a warning to all of them.

I won’t go into details of my love for reading. It’s very self explanatory, I just do! My favourite books include the Harry Potter series, Graceling, The Hunger Games and the Pendragon series. I’m pretty open-minded to trying new books in specific genres, but usually tend to read mainstream books, not because it’s what I prefer, it’s just more convenient for me. Don’t get me wrong I do veer away from my comfort zone from time to time, especially if the recommendation comes from highly regarded people. I’m happy to read a book that’s totally out of my zone and love it. Just proves the saying, “never judge a book by its cover”.

Anyways, enjoy my blog and my reviews.

Thank You and Happy Reading! ^_^


I am accepting books for review, but I will only accept those that are in these genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror and Mystery. I don’t really mind if they are middle grade, YA, New Adult or Adult. If you have a link to sample chapters please include it with your email request or at least let me know where I can find it.

If I do agree on reviewing a book I will be posting a review on this blog. I also have a variety of social media accounts that I update from time to time regarding on books I’m currently reading, etc.Let me know if the book is an ARC so I will be able to read and write a review in a timely manner.

All my reviews will be 100% honest and it will include my thoughts about the book and my reading experience. Please be aware that my reviews are not personal attacks on anybody and I understand the work that authors put on their books. However, please keep in mind that everyone has different tastes and what works for one person doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for everyone.

I do prefer hardcopy books because it takes me awhile to get into a book with e-readers, but if you only have an E-Book still send me a message maybe it will interest me enough that I won’t mind the e-book version.

Also, please do not post a request on this thread itself. I would prefer you PM on my email

I look forward to your requests ^_^




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