September Wrap-up and October TBR

ACK! Best month of the year for reading is finally upon us! I’m a mystery fanatic and therefore, I think October is the best month to read these kinds of books. Yes, I technically read mystery/thriller any time of the month, but October just gives you all the chill and vibes for these books!

Anyways, in September I was able to read 5 book. Not my best, but considering I had one book in my wrap-up last month, I’ll call this month a success. Here are the books I read:

The best read for me in September would have to go to Scythe. Warcross comes very close, but I prefer the ending of the former than the latter. I’m not surprise that I would enjoy Shusterman’s book since one of my favorite book is Unwind, which is another one of his books. I am surprised that I like Warcross, only because Lu’s Legend trilogy wasn’t a success for me. I won’t pass judgement just yet, since I really did enjoy Legend, but the other two was a disappointment. I’ll have to wait until I get my hands on the sequel to make any real decisions. Overall, I had a good reading month. There really wasn’t a specific book that I didn’t enjoy. They were mediocre, but an entertaining read nevertheless.


As I have said at the beginning of this post, October is definitely the best reading month. I’m not really 100% sure what books I’ll be reading since I’ve been buying ton loads of thrillers lately. What I do know is that I will be participating in this year’s Spookathon again, hosted by Lala, Paige and Shannon. I participated last year and enjoyed it a lot and I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy this year’s as well. Here is a tentative TBR that I might be able to do for this month.

These books may or may not also be in my Spookathon TBR.


So that’s it for me this month and keeping my fingers crossed for this month. I’m really in a reading mood now, but live is pretty busy the last few months of the year.


August Wrap-up and September TBR

I’m baaaaaaaaaack and school is starting tomorrow, but I don’t have to worry about that because I graduated years back. However, I always feel renewed in September because that feeling of anticipation and working hard I always associate with September. Anyways, I’m not really sure how I will do with my reading this month, but I know I will start out small. I’m getting ahead of myself and let just look at the books, technically book, that I read this month,

This month I read one book, yes you read that right, ONE book. On the upside, at least the one book I did read is an Agatha Christie, which of course is fantastic!

Death on the Nile

This Poirot novel is not the best that I’ve read, but I still really enjoyed it. I love reading anything with the little detective and his little grey cells, also its somewhat set in Egypt so I was more inclined to pick up. I actually wrote a review for it so check it out here.


So like I said I’m going to be starting small for this month. I really will be picking up thin books that doesn’t really need a lot of reading time. Since I might be at the end of my slump, which I’ve been saying since April, I think I will be focusing on my comfort genre. So those books would be, obviously, mystery, thrillers, cozies or children’s lit. I’m not going to be listing any books that I will be reading here because I don’t want to limit myself to specific books.

So that’s it for me this month and cross your fingers for me that I can actually read some books this month. I’m really tired of this slump and want to get some books read, so come back again next month, or throughout September, to see if I’m able to surpass the slump.


July Wrap-up and August TBR

I am flabbergasted that today is the last day of July. I was really shocked that summer is practically finished here in Canada! Unfortunately I haven’t been making a good dent on my TBR and not doing a great job on reading as well. I feel like a snail when I read!

Anyways, in the beginning of July I wanted to read 5 books and usually go my TBR. Unfortunately, I was only able to read 3 of the books and two others. The other’s shouldn’t even be counted as books since they’re mostly graphic novels. So all in all I read 2 books and 3 graphic novels.

Although, I’m a bit bummed that I read so little, I’m really proud of myself that I was finally able to read the first book in the ACOTAR trilogy. Yes, I finally picked it up and read it. I’m pleasantly surprised that I actually enjoyed it and the highlight for me this month. I gave it a 3 star, because I felt that this book dragged on for a bit in the beginning and then boom, the ending happened just like that. I will definitely read the next book in the series, just don’t hold you breath for that day. I also really enjoyed Anya’s ghost and wished that the story was a little bit longer. I can’t wait to see what other graphic novels Brosgol has released.


I’m really not sure if I want to create a TBR for this month because of how my reading mood has been lately.

I will be participating in a Readathon this month and that’s the Tome Topple Readathon. I most likely will create a separate TBR in a few days since the Readathon will be from August 4 to 17. So stay tuned for that.

Here is a tentative TBR, technically books that I ‘feel’ like reading.

I’m also really anxious to read an Agatha Christie novel, so most likely I’ll be grabbing a book by her, just not sure what yet.


So that’s it for my wrap-up and TBR. Let me know if you want to read any of my books this month, maybe a buddy read ^_^?




May Wrap-up and June TBR

Summer is upon us!!!! Well, technically only here in the Western Hemisphere and it won’t be upon us until the next few weeks, but let start celebrating. To be honest though, I’m not a fan of summer so I’m not really sure why I’m rejoicing, but a big plus is I can actually move around without a big jacket on me.

Anyways, on to my wrap up. So April was a really rough month for me in terms of reading, since I was only able to read one book. Then I included 5 books for my TBR, and I’m really surprised that I was able to read 4 of the 5 books, so yipee for me! Unfortunately those are the only 4 books that I actually read the whole entire month, so technically not bad, but I could have done better. I’m actually getting over my slump, which lasted for two months, which I hope would make me want to read more books for this month.

Here are the books I read for May!

So the highlight for me this month would have to be The Girl Before by JP Delaney. I’ve been reading a lot of thriller books lately and all of them has been average for me, but this I actually enjoyed a lot more than the others. That was a surprise for me. Obviously I would want to read more thriller books, their a fast read, but so far this book made me more invested in the genre. My biggest disappointment, and I mean HUGE, would have to be The End of Oz by Danielle Paige. I feel that this book just took to long to wrap up and even then I’m not really sure if it’s actually done. The ending was a bit confusing and not at all what I expected. I might do a review for the series, but we’ll have to see how I feel about it after a few weeks.

As you can see I had a productive month, not the best, but since I’m still a little bit in cloud nine after my vacation, it’s understandable.


Since I wasn’t able to read The Fourth Monkey last month, I decided to add it again for June, only because its an ARC! Yes, my first ever ARC, I’m really excited. I will also be participating in a readathon, which I’ve already posted my TBR for that here. So I won’t be adding those three books on here. Usually I include 5 books on my TBR, but I’m really not 100% sure what I’m in the mood to read since the slump did a number on me. However, there are three books that are jumping at me to read ASAP. So here they are:

So I’m debating on what other books I want to reach for, but I’ll play it by ear for now. Well not ear, but yea, you get what I mean.


That’s it for me this month, in terms of my monthly wrap-up and TBR. Keeping my fingers crossed. Let me know which books are you dying to read!

Wrap-up April and May TBR

Sorry my Wrap-up and TBR is being posted so late in the month, but vacation got in the way and then jet lag. Its better late than never I always say! I had such an awful reading mood the beginning of April and the one lone book that I did read left me off with a bad taste. Plus, my vacation didn’t really help with my reading. So all in all I read a total of one book for April. I read one book of my April TBR and after that I got busy with packing and last minute work issues. I wanted to participate in TomeTopple, but wasn’t even able to start any of the books I picked out.

Anyways, here is the one book I read for April

the island at the end of the world

I definitely wasn’t a fan of this book. I love the concept of the book and the setting was very unique but the ending was really difficult to wrap my head in. I also didn’t enjoy the representation of the local people in the mainland.


I know that May is practically finished, but I still want to include a list of books I somewhat want to read for this month. I have finished two of the these books, but I will talk more about them in my wrap-up.

I won’t go that crazy on my TBR, but here are the books I do want to finish by the end of this month. Wish me luck!

March Wrap-up and April TBR 2017

I failed miserably and completely on my TBR for March. It was a horrible reading month for me and I wasn’t in such a great reading mood. I read two of the five books on my TBR. I really tried to read the other ones, but nothing held my interest and then the books were due in the library. ARGH! I feel like a failure! On the plus side, I was able to read a lot of graphic novels, so thumbs up for me on that.

Anyways, Here are the books I ended up reading for this month:

As you can see, I read mainly graphic novels and all of them were amazing. The highlight for me this month would have to be Giant Days Vol. 3 and Vol. 4. I love those three girls and they’re adding more and more fantastic characters with each volume. Can’t wait for the next ones to come out. I would also have to give a shout out to Do Not Disturb by A.R Torre. I really would not have imagined enjoying an Erotic Thriller novel, but there’s a first time for everything! My biggest disappointment is Eon by Alison Goodman. It has been a few years since I bought this book, but the raves back then was off the charts. So when I picked it up I had high expectations, unfortunately those expectations were not met. I’m really not sure if I want to even write a review about it, but I will have to be in a good writing mood.

All in all, it looks like I did a great reading month, but I don’t usually add the graphic novels on my overall book tally. So technically, I managed to read only 4 books. Oh well, better than nothing.


April will mostly likely be an awful reading month for me as well since I will be going on holiday for the last week of April and first week of May, but I’m hoping that I would be able to read a few books before I jet off. I’m also keeping my fingers crossed in getting a book or two during the plane ride. Plus, I will be participating in the Tome Topple Readathon, so keeping my fingers crossed on that one. Tome Topple TBR will be in a separate post.

Anyways, here are the books I’m planning on reading:

That’s right, just three books to get through this month. I’m keeping both my fingers and toes crossed.


Let me know the books people are planning on reading this month. I know that when the weather starts getting nicer, people tend to read more.




Borrowathon Wrap-Up


I failed, thoroughly and completely! I was so pumped up for this readathon, but I’ve been having such a rough reading mood this month and I wasn’t able to pick up any book that was enticing enough. I was able to at least read one book and a graphic novel for this readathon, which were actually part of my TBR (click here for my Borrowathon TBR). The books also allowed me to fulfil some of the challenges that was part of the readathon.

Here are the book/graphic novel(s):

bloom and doom

Bloom and Doom by Beverly Allen

Rating:3/5 Stars
Challenge: A Book with yout Favourite Colour on the Cover

I’m up to date in a lot of my cozy reads so I needed something new and different for my cozy fix. So I decided to read this book, technically this fulfils a lot of the challenges of the readathon, three of the six to be exact. The only problem  is I wasn’t that impressed with the book. I had a hard time getting into the story or get attached to any of the characters. For some weird reason the author didn’t really describe any of her characters physical characteristics, so it took me awhile to picture them in my head. I did enjoy the dynamics of the main character and her cousin, and co-owner of their flowershop. I’m indifferent towards the romance in the book, it was weird that Nick will just pop out of nowhere from time to time. Almost as if the author include the romance as a second thought.

The mystery was also interesting, not the best I’ve read in a cozy mystery, but it did leave me guessing at who the crazy murderer is. Seriously, the killer is psychotic! Anyways, I’ts a very bland first book in a series, but I’ve actually read worse. I’ll try the second book to make any final judgement as to continue with the series or not.

Lumberjanes Vol.3, Vol.4, Vol, 5

Rating: 4/5
Challenge: Read a Graphic Novel

I really enjoy reading the Lumberjanes and all the adventures that they get into. I had more fun reading Volume 5 than the other two because of the mermaid involved. I’m not really a fan of mermaids, but the take on these mermaids are awesome. I really will recommend this graphic novel to everyone and for all ages!


I’m also in the middle of reading Do Not Disturb by A.R Torre to fulfil my ‘A Book Recommended to you’, but unfortunately I just didn’t get to finish the book. I’ve been in a sloth pace when it comes to reading these days. Oh well.

So far so good. I really enjoyed the first book in this trilogy and really wanted to continue it this year. I’m glad that I did, because I feel that this book is slightly better than the first. Mostly likely I’ll write a review on the whole trilogy, since I do intend on reading the third book this year as well.



That’s it for my Borrowathon wrap up. Let me know if you guys participated in the readathon and if you did a lot better than I did or bombed it as well.