Book Date # 7


As of right now I’m actually in the middle of a readathon called Science Fiction Readathon. So most of the books that will be listed here are sci-fi books that I need to finish by June 7.

Last Week I Finished:


This is the last book in the Dorothy Must Die Series and I have to say it was a bit of a disappointment. Stay tuned for my review for the series.

Currently Reading:


I’m just a few chapters into this book and I’m really not sure what to think of it yet. This book some elements similar to the show Big Brother.

Upcoming Reads:

I’m not really sure which book I will be reading next, but I’m leaning more towards Gemina just because its an easier read than In the Afterlight.

May Wrap-up and June TBR

Summer is upon us!!!! Well, technically only here in the Western Hemisphere and it won’t be upon us until the next few weeks, but let start celebrating. To be honest though, I’m not a fan of summer so I’m not really sure why I’m rejoicing, but a big plus is I can actually move around without a big jacket on me.

Anyways, on to my wrap up. So April was a really rough month for me in terms of reading, since I was only able to read one book. Then I included 5 books for my TBR, and I’m really surprised that I was able to read 4 of the 5 books, so yipee for me! Unfortunately those are the only 4 books that I actually read the whole entire month, so technically not bad, but I could have done better. I’m actually getting over my slump, which lasted for two months, which I hope would make me want to read more books for this month.

Here are the books I read for May!

So the highlight for me this month would have to be The Girl Before by JP Delaney. I’ve been reading a lot of thriller books lately and all of them has been average for me, but this I actually enjoyed a lot more than the others. That was a surprise for me. Obviously I would want to read more thriller books, their a fast read, but so far this book made me more invested in the genre. My biggest disappointment, and I mean HUGE, would have to be The End of Oz by Danielle Paige. I feel that this book just took to long to wrap up and even then I’m not really sure if it’s actually done. The ending was a bit confusing and not at all what I expected. I might do a review for the series, but we’ll have to see how I feel about it after a few weeks.

As you can see I had a productive month, not the best, but since I’m still a little bit in cloud nine after my vacation, it’s understandable.


Since I wasn’t able to read The Fourth Monkey last month, I decided to add it again for June, only because its an ARC! Yes, my first ever ARC, I’m really excited. I will also be participating in a readathon, which I’ve already posted my TBR for that here. So I won’t be adding those three books on here. Usually I include 5 books on my TBR, but I’m really not 100% sure what I’m in the mood to read since the slump did a number on me. However, there are three books that are jumping at me to read ASAP. So here they are:

So I’m debating on what other books I want to reach for, but I’ll play it by ear for now. Well not ear, but yea, you get what I mean.


That’s it for me this month, in terms of my monthly wrap-up and TBR. Keeping my fingers crossed. Let me know which books are you dying to read!

Update: Life, Blog and the Future

Sorry I’ve been a little bit off my game for a few weeks. I know I said I will be back stronger than ever after my vacation, unfortunately, well not so unfortunate, I’m getting preoccupied with planning. Yes! Planning, as in daily planning. The beginning of this year I started my very first bullet journal to keep track of books ‘m reading, readathons I’m partaking in and books I’m buying. Recently, I found a whole new planning community with all these different planning layouts, sticker decorations and art calligraphy. So my time has been filled with this planning lately.

Never fear, I still love reading and blogging so I won’t be leaving this community anytime soon. I just wanted to update people as to why I’ve been so off my game lately. Anyways, I’m just getting to the swing of things and being able to balance my life and all the other activities I do. Plus, this whole bullet journal is helping me remember things to post and new ideas I have for my blog. I will be on top of things by June and I can’t wait for summer to come here in Canada quick!


Here’s a cute succulent plant for your enjoyment!

Science Fiction Summer Readathon TBR

So it’s been awhile since I participated in a Readathon, because I did so badly on the Tome Topple Readathon during April, I just decided to take a few weeks off from everything readathon. Anyways, I’m back now and with a NEW readathon and its the Science Fiction Summer Readathon hosted by Seasons Reading.

The Readathon is from June 1-7, it’s a bit weird that it begins in the middle of the week, but that’s ok, at least its the beginning of the month. The time also follow 12am CDT so that will be 1am EST for me. So basically its time specific. This is a Science Fiction genre only readathon, but I think the host also allows Fantasy novels to count, since they do sometimes come hand in hand. There is also a social media hashtag for those who wants to tag anything related to the readathon. #SciFiSummerJune

Anyways, here is my TBR for the Readathon. I really wanted to veer away from fantasy novels and focus on sci-fi books, but at the same time I wanted to use only books that I actually own. So here are the three books that strictly Science Fiction on my TBR shelf.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed in being able to read at least two of these three books. I would be very surprised if I will be able to do so, but still hoping.

Top 5 Minor Characters


I’m actually a bit late on my Top 5 Wednesday this week, but better late than never I always say.

I actually really like this topic because we don’t really get to appreciate the minor characters in books. I’m actually going to take the definition of Sam’s on this since I think its a pretty good and clear separation between side character and minor character. So basically a minor character are those that are not the sidekick (side character) of the protagonist.

Anyways, here are my Top 5 favorite minor characters:

Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter Series

Luna is actually one of my favorite characters in the whole Harry Potter series and Neville is just as great. I love how courageous the two are and they stand up for what they believe in. It doesn’t hurt that Luna is a Ravenclaw!

Iko from The Lunar Chronicles

I’m not really sure if she is considered a sidekick or Minor Character, but I’m going to bend the rule for her, only because she’s so cool. I wasn’t a fan of Cinder on the first book, but Iko made the book so much better.

Addison MacHenry from Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

I love dogs, and I instantly fall in love with dog companions in books right away. Addison wasn’t really introduced until the second book, but he made the second and last book so much more amazing.

Rue from The Hunger Games

She was such a great character in this book. Rue was in such a short part of The Hunger Games, but her part was very integral to the story. It goes to show you how cruel the system is, in letting these young children/teens participate in such a gruesome ‘game’.

Reyna from Heroes of Olympus

I enjoyed Reyna’s character, not in the beginning, but eventually her attitude becomes her redeeming quality. I love how strong she is for her people and yet you still get to see her vulnerable side by the end of the series.


That’s it for this week’s Top 5 Wednesdays. Hope you guys enjoyed it and commend down below who your favorite Minor Characters are.


The Girl Before by J.P. Delaney

the girl before

Author: J.P. Delaney

Rating: 3.5/5

Protagonist: Emma and Jane

Synopsis: The house is beautiful, its everything a renters dream of acquiring. its modern, sleek and affordable, unfortunately there’s one catch, you must abide to the rules of the builder. Jane first stumble on to this property she was instantly hooked, but as days progress she learns more and more about the house, the builder and Emma, the girl before her.

Review: Ever since I read The Girl on the Train I was hooked into thriller novels. I might not have like Paula Hawkins famous novel, but at least it opened up a whole new sub-genre for me. When I first picked this book up I was a bit apprehensive about it because it didn’t really seem as interesting as the other thrillers I’ve read. I’m pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed this book a lot more than the others I’ve read.

The one difficulty that I do have in some of the thriller that I’ve read is the representation of certain characters. I feel that most authors represent one or both genre in a bad light.  It’s either they make all the female characters bad or all the male characters bad or both, this one wasn’t different from the rest. There was no one male character in the whole book that represented in a good light, which I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more if the author decided to include one great male character. I also wasn’t a fan of the two protagonist. Jane is a lot better than Emma by the end, since a lot more women can relate to Jane. However, I still found her to be cunning and deceiving. Although, I wasn’t a fan any of the characters, the gave props to the author for the twist and turns of his story.

I always enjoy a mystery that makes you think and what you have concluded is totally wrong from the actual outcome. This is what happened to me for this book. The ending was totally unexpected and it really did creep me out. This is the reason why I don’t want to live in a house! Anyways, the story line is what sold me to this book. Even though I’m not a fan of the characters, they did make the book great. Each character and their personalities was utilized to make the climactic event a lot more dynamic. I would definitely recommend this book to thriller lovers!

***********************SPOILER ALERT!!*********************

Ending: I don’t think this is a book that I will reveal the ending. Only because the twist is what made this book stand out!

Wrap-up April and May TBR

Sorry my Wrap-up and TBR is being posted so late in the month, but vacation got in the way and then jet lag. Its better late than never I always say! I had such an awful reading mood the beginning of April and the one lone book that I did read left me off with a bad taste. Plus, my vacation didn’t really help with my reading. So all in all I read a total of one book for April. I read one book of my April TBR and after that I got busy with packing and last minute work issues. I wanted to participate in TomeTopple, but wasn’t even able to start any of the books I picked out.

Anyways, here is the one book I read for April

the island at the end of the world

I definitely wasn’t a fan of this book. I love the concept of the book and the setting was very unique but the ending was really difficult to wrap my head in. I also didn’t enjoy the representation of the local people in the mainland.


I know that May is practically finished, but I still want to include a list of books I somewhat want to read for this month. I have finished two of the these books, but I will talk more about them in my wrap-up.

I won’t go that crazy on my TBR, but here are the books I do want to finish by the end of this month. Wish me luck!