Best Books of 2017

I’m actually behind on my post since I’ve been so busy with the year ending in a few days. You would think I would have more time while I’m off work, but I feel that I’m even more busy now that I’m not at work.

Anyways, for this post I’ll be listing 10 of my favorite books of 2017.

I won’t go into details on my reviews with each book, but I will list down any reviews I’ve written on them. I won’t also include any graphic novels in this Best of 2017. I might write a separate post for that.


Storm Front by Jim Butcher
The Fourth Monkey by J.D. Barker
Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco
In the Shadow of the Blackbird by Cat Winters
Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie


I’m really surprised that my top 10 books are variety of genres. We have some mystery, dystopia, historical fiction and fantasy. I felt like a read a ton of mystery this year, as I usually do, that I feared that most of these books would be mystery. I’m really glad that my favorites in 2017 are more varied.


Best Read of 2016

Since I haven’t been reading much, I’ve decided to create my best read of 2016 before the year is over.

I’m listing the books that have impressed me this year, it doesn’t necessarily mean I gave it a 5 star, but enjoyed it enough that it was a memorable read. I will create links that I have made reviews for.

I’ll start with my 3.5 Stars first and move my way up the rank.

These are my 3.5 star reads and they would have gotten a four, but there were small areas to it that I wasn’t in love with and that’s why it got bumped down to 3.5. Reviews have been done for: Anna and the French Kiss, The Martian, Illuminae, The Cuckoo’s Calling

I have grouped together the 4 and 4.5 Stars, since I did only give three books 4.5 stars: Winter, Their Fractured Light and The Blood of Olympus. I have written a review for:The Blood of Olympus, Their Fractured Light, The Darkest Minds, Uncommon Criminals, Winter and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Finally, my 5 star reads. I know I didn’t really read a lot of 5 stars, but I don’t really give a 5 unless I was totally in love with the book. So here are the two that is worthy of a 5 star. I made a review for: Blood of my Blood 


So that’s it for my Best read of 2016. I actually had a great reading year and keeping my fingers cross, 2017 will be even better.