Book to Movie 2018

There are a lot of books that are being adapted to movies this year and I’m really excited for it. Here are the most that I’m really excited for.

Ready Player One by Earnest Cline
Release Date: March 30

I’m really excited for this movie. I’m actually going to re-read this book, but I need to get to it before the release date so that I’m all caught up before I watch it.

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle
Release Date: March 9

This is also another movie I’m really excited for. I’m not going to re-read the book, but I still want to watch the movie. Not when it comes out, maybe I’ll wait until it come out on Blu Ray

These are three movies that I want to check it out this year. How the Grinch Stole Christmas is one of my favorite Christmas movies of all time and The Nutcracker is also a favorite of mine. I really want to see how they re-make this movie and so I’m super excited for it.

The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken
Release Date: September 14

How The Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss
Release Date: November 9

The Nutcraker and the Four Realms by E.T.A Hoffmann
Release Date: November 2


Book to Movie: The Martian by Andy Weir

the martian

Author: Andy Weir
Rating: 3/5
Protagonist: Mark Watney
Other Character(s): Melissa Lewis, Rick Martinez, Beth Johanssen, Chris Beck, Alex Vogel, Vincent Kapoor, Teddy Sanders, Mitch Henderson and a lot more!

Synopsis: What would you do if your crew mates thought you were dead and they are stuck in a sandstorm in Mars? Leave, right? That’s exactly what happens to Mark Whatney. Now, he must find a way to not only communicate to earth that he’s alive, but also learn how to survive Mars barren and harsh terrain.

Review: I’ve said this a thousand times, I’m very much a mainstream reader and I’m not ashamed of it. So obviously enough I picked up The Martian to read, not knowing that it would be a movie. Then when I heard it is going to be a movie, I definitely had to read it, especially since its going star MATT DAMON! If truth be told, I wasn’t expecting to finish and like this book, only because it’s not the usual type of genre I gravitate towards. To my surprised I finished AND actually enjoyed it! Goes to show that I could be wrong sometimes too!

I really won’t go into details of the reasons why I enjoyed the book because to be honest, I’m not really sure myself. As I read the book I can’t help but notice all the mathematical equations and the scientific lingo, which by the way all passed over my head. I really thought I would have a hard time getting through the book, but even if half the book was pretty much useless for me, what I did understand was pretty enjoyable. The main reason I got through this is the humor, which made the seriousness of the situation a little less of the focus. I’m not sure if others found that annoying, but personally, it was the highlight. We’re not really bombarded by any small details of any of the characters and we really don’t learn much about the protagonist himself, but I really didn’t mind because I feel that we still get to enjoy Whatney’s character. His hilarious personality and his persistence in surviving is very admirable. I really like the hope factor in this book and the way everyone connected in bringing home one man. It’s a good change to witness countries getting along for one cause, even if it is in a science-fiction novel. I wish that more books can be written in this similar context. It’s a light, nice read that’s not contemporary, which I’m totally behind with 100%.

Like I saidd, its a good read and worth a try by everyone. If you can look pass all the math ad science mumbo-jumbo, like I did, then it would definitely entertain you.

Movie Review: Yes, of course I watched the movie right after I read the book. I enjoyed it as much as the book and I’m really surprised that they stuck to original pretty closely. Small changes and some deleted scenes, but other than that it’s like a carbon copy of the book.

Matt Damon was a great actor to play Mark Whatney. He was able to convey the character’s personality very well, and I’m really glad they kept almost all the humor within. I find the other choices for the other characters are also very fitting, all except Rick Martinez. I’m sorry, but I just never pictured Michael Pena as an astronaut. I also didn’t really enjoy the way they portrayed Teddy in the movie. He sounded so heartless in the movie, compared to the book. I’m not sure if the casting crew did this on purpose, but I find it hilarious that Sean Bean is part of the ‘Council of Elrond’ in this movie. Any fans of LOTR, and who has read The Martian, will understand what I mean!

Anyways, whether you read the book or watch the movie, I think you will definitely enjoy yourself. Unless you’re not into these kinds of book/movies.

***********************SPOILER ALERT!!*********************

Ending:Let’s just say if the book had a sad ending, I wouldn’t even think about watching the movie!