Book Date #14


I took a few days off from posting on my blog because it’s been such a hectic few days. Also my posts has been all over the place because the holiday is very close at hand, plus this time of the year is when my family have their birthdays, so I try to post something when I’m free. For sure at the beginning of the year my posting of Monday, Wednesday and Friday will commence.

Anyways, for a quick update I decided to do the Book Date Monday created by Book Date.

Last Week I Finished:

Monsters of Men is one of those books that has been on my TBR for quite awhile and every year it’s been on top of my pile, but this year, finally, I was able to pick it up and finish it. It was a good ending for the trilogy, but that ending! Ness always kills me with his choices. Anyways, it was still a really good read for me.

Currently Reading:

Zombie Kid

Technically I should be reading a 500+ novel, but I’m really not up to the challenge. Monsters of Men kinda gave me a book hangover, but hopefully it won’t carry over to the next month.

Upcoming Reads:


I was planning on reading this book this month, but it didn’t happen and now I’m pushing it for December. I’m not sure how much reading I’ll be doing since I will be on vacation at the beginning of the month and its the Christmas holidays so I’ll be pretty busy. I’ve almost reached my Goodreads goal for this year, so I want to at least be able to read a few more books just to be able to feel accomplished for the year!


Book Date #13


It’s been a couple of weeks now since I did a Book Date Monday, and since it’s technically still Monday here in Toronto, might as well post this. FYI, this meme is not created by me, but rather by The Book Date.

Last Week I Finished:

Since it’s still October, I’m still reading a lot of mystery/thriller/paranormal books. I recently just finished reading Jackaby and absolutely loved it. Also, got a quick read out of Fierce Kingdom, but more on those book in my wrap-up.

Currently Reading:


Since I really enjoyed Jackaby, and there’s technically still one more day in October, I’m trying to get to this book before the month is over.

Upcoming Reads:


I’m going to be participating on a readathon starting on November 5, but I’m trying to see if I can squeeze this book in between. Hopefully, I’ll be able to because I really want to read it!


That’s it for me for this week’s Book Date Monday. Stay Tuned for my Wrap-up and TBR in a couple of days!

Superstitious Book Tag (Original)

Yes, it’s definitely safe for you to do this tag! No superstitious elements link to this tag!

So I’ve been perusing other blogs and booktubers on possible tags that I can do. I’m off from work and in need to do something with my time. Since there really isn’t a lot of tags that centered on Halloween, I thought I’ll create my first ever tag. A lot of people are ver superstitious and most of the time they are linked to something evil or bad. Here are 5 common superstitious that people believe in.

1. Walking past a graveyard: Name a book that you enjoyed because of the setting.

in the shadow of blackbirds

In the Shadow of Blakbirds by Cat Winters – I super recent read, but I really enjoyed how the author used her choice of setting to create a sinister environment for her protagonist.

172 Hours

172 Hours on the Moon by Johan Harstad – Another creepy book that played with my mind, psychologically. I can never use the airport bathrooms without remembering this book!

2. Crossing paths with a black cat: Name your favorite Halloween monster and show any books that features these monsters. (ie. Frankenstein’s Monster, mummy, zombies, etc.)


It by Stephen King – Clowns are not really monsters, but I’m terrified of them, and since It just came out in theaters again, I’m pretty sure there are new generation of children/teens that has been scared by this not so pleasant clown. The book is good though, even though it’s massive.

warm bodies

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion – I know this book is not creepy at all, but it does still feature zombies, and its a good read, so I’m adding it!

3. Walking under the ladder: Name some of your favorite ghost novels (yes, walking under the ladder superstition has something to do with ghosts)

Anna Dressed

Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake – Although I’m not a fan of the second book in the duology, the first book definitely gave me the chills. A good read for this month!

4. The wrong side of the bed: Name a book that is set in a dystopian world, but still gave you the creep-vibes (Egyptian times people believed that you must wake up on the right side of the bed, if you wake up on the left side, which they associate with death and destruction, they will be have a bad day)


Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry – An amazing series. Yes, I know I’m not done yet, but still so wonderfully written and the world building! Don’t get me started!

5. Friday the 13th: Name your favorite scary/creepy short story.

slasher girls

Slasher Girls and Monster Boys by Different Authors – Not all stories are a hit, but definitely spine-chilling!


So that’s it for my first ever book tag! Hope you enjoyed it and I tag everyone or anyone who wants to do it!

For more superstition facts check out the article written by Mitch Horowitz on 13 Superstitions that still scare the Bejesus out of us. 

Thanks ^_^




Book Date # 7


As of right now I’m actually in the middle of a readathon called Science Fiction Readathon. So most of the books that will be listed here are sci-fi books that I need to finish by June 7.

Last Week I Finished:


This is the last book in the Dorothy Must Die Series and I have to say it was a bit of a disappointment. Stay tuned for my review for the series.

Currently Reading:


I’m just a few chapters into this book and I’m really not sure what to think of it yet. This book some elements similar to the show Big Brother.

Upcoming Reads:

I’m not really sure which book I will be reading next, but I’m leaning more towards Gemina just because its an easier read than In the Afterlight.

Top 5 Wednesday: Favourite Sci-fi and Fantasy


Last year I created a similar post, Top 10 Favourite Fantasy, I still decided to create this post, but I won’t include books that were on my previous list.

On the top of my list is the Starbound Trilogy by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner. I love these books, the first book more than the other, but I still highly recommend them. My review can be found here.

the martian

Another sci-fi book that I really enjoyed. I was actually hesitant to read this because, it’s not really something I gravitate to, but I was pleasantly surprised when I finished it instantly. I also really enjoyed the movie, there were some differences, but MATT DAMON! Need I say more?!?! My review can be found here.

I know I haven’t finished the series yet, but I enjoyed the first two books. I’m not sure if the last book will be a make it or break it deal, but as of right now its one of my favourite YA sci-fi out there. My The Darkest Minds review.

I never included these books in my favourites before because I was never in the band wagon with Cinder, but Winter was the game changer. I understand its the last book, but it tied up all three books so beautifully that you can’t help but enjoy the other three in association. Mind you I loved Scarlet! I have several reviews up for the last three books. Scarlet, Cress, Winter.

ready player one.jpg

Its been awhile since I read this book, but I love it. Not really the targeted age range, but I still understood the references. I think everyone should try reading this. I love the whole concept of the book!


So that’s it for this weeks Top 5. Comment down below which are your favorites. I really want to get into more Sci-fi books, so please recommend some!




Disney Songs Book Tag


I haven’t done a book tag in forever! So I decided to search Youtube for a book tag that I would actually enjoy. I’m a Disney kid at heart and I know almost every song of my favorite Disney movies. So obviously, I had to definitely do this tag! I’m not exactly sure who was the original creator, but on Youtube its BrunetteBibliophile.

A Whole New World: Pick a book that made you see the world differentlyhelp

I’m not really a reader of these kinds of books. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed reading this book, but It’s not usually a genre I gravitate to. While reading this book though, it allowed me to learn new things.

Cruella De Vill: Pick your favorite villain.

the knife

Cruella is actually one of those Disney villains that gave me the chills. All villains should be able to, but Disney antagonists are usually tamer. Cruella on the other hand is ruthless and immoral, Just like the Mayor in The Knife of Never Letting Go. Obviously, it will be one of my favorite because villains are suppose to be creepy and must get under your skin. The Mayor definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat.

I won’t say I’m in Love: Pick a book you didn’t want to admit you loved

dorothy must die

I’m not really hiding the fact that I enjoy this book, in fact the sequel to this book is one of my most anticipated release, but I don’t have books that I’m ashamed of reading. There are some controversies regarding this author, so I guess it can qualify for this question. I don’t really care if people have a problem I enjoy this book, its my preference, but I needed to include something here.

Gaston: Pick a character that you couldn’t stand


I don’t want any hate coming my way, but I’m not a fan of Divergent and I’m definitely not a fan of Tris. I don’t remember a whole lot of the story, but I remember how much I dislike her.

Part of your World: Pick a book set in a universe you wish you could live in.


Definitely Rivendell! I fell in love with the realm of Elves of Middle Earth in this book and I can’t want to re-visit when I start reading The Lord of the Rings.

A Dream is a Wish your Heart makes: describe what the book of your dreams would be like

The book needs to be action pack with a very well created world. I would prefer a book that has romance with the male character to be a good-at-heart ‘bad boy’ and the romance will start out with a lot of animosity between the two, but eventually fall in love. Yea, yea I know I’m a weird sappy reader. Also, I would prefer a book to be fast pace, but still be well constructed. The deal breaker for me though is the ending, it MUST be a happy ending. Disney, sappy, all sunshine, happily ever after ending!

Someday my Prince will come:  What book character would you marry if you could

I’m not a fangirly type of reader, so I don’t really have the urge to fictionally marry characters. Their are certain characters that I love, but I would prefer them to end up with the ones I want them to end up with.

I see the Light: Pick a book that changed your life.


This is one of my very first ‘adult’ mystery books that I have read and it opened a whole new genre for me. I’ve always enjoyed mystery novels, but this introduced me to a more mature books. Thank God for Agatha Christie!

When you Wish Upon a Star: Pick a book you wish you could reread for the first time


I know this book is in almost all of my book tags, but seriously if I can forget one whole series and have a chance to re-read all over again, I would pick this series. To be able to immerse myself in this world again, but with no prior knowledge, seems like an amazing experience.

I just can’t wait to be King: Pick a book with some kind of monarchy in it.


This series has all kinds of royalty and it also revolves around the royal families!

Colors of the wind: Pick a book with a beautiful colorful cover.


This book is eyegasm to the max. I can’t help but stare at this cover because of how pretty it is. I haven’t read this book , but the cover…so drool worthy!


I’m actually really surprised these questions are a lot more difficult to answer. I tag anyone who wants to do this!

Halloween Book Tag


I know it’s not Halloween yet, but this tag is just way to cute to pass up. I first saw this Book tag in JessietheReader‘s Youtube Channel and I was really keen on doing my own. However, the original maker of the tag is Naomi the Book Lover, so check out her channel to see the first ever Halloween Book Tag

1. Carving Pumpkins: What book would you carve up and light on fire?

This one is a little bit dramatic really. There really isn’t a book that I would carve up and light up really, but figuratively it would have to be…

Emerald Green by Kerstin Gier

emerald green

I had such a fun time reading the first book, second was ok, but the third book was such a dissappointment that I had a hard time finishing it. I literally had to force myself to finish this trilogy.

2. Trick or Treat: What Character is treat and what character is a trick?

Trick – A character you ‘hate to love’
I had a hard time for this part of the tag because I really can’t find a character that I hated and ended up liking. I would have to pick the AI in…

Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff


Treat – A character you love all through out

This one, hands down, my favorite character of all time and that is Dobby in…

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets  by J.K Rowling


3. Candy Corn: What book is always sweet?

A book that you will always love  no matter how many time you read it.

I hate to put two of the same book or books in the same series, but this is my ultimate ‘comfort read’. No matter when I read it or how many times I read it, I always love the experience of picking it up and being immersed in this world. That book is…

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K Rowling


4. Ghosts: What Character would you love to visit you as a ghost?

This one is a tough one. I would love to be able to talk to a lot of characters that I’ve read, but for them to visit me as a ghost?!?!?! YIKES! Not thinking about the ghost aspect of the question I actually have two answer for this book. My reason for wanting to see them is the same. I want to be able to discuss with them the lifestyle of their era and women’s lives.

These women are: Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and Jo March from Little Women by Louisa May Alcott


5. Dressing up in costume: What character would you want to be for a day?

Well, this one, even if I do want to be a lot of characters in a lot of books, I’m going to be a bit more selective. I wouldn’t really want to be a character from a dystopian novel. I think I would have to pick…

Alice from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll


At first I was going to pick Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, but I prefer to see Wonderland and all its crazy characters than Oz.

6. Wizards and Witches: What is your favorite Harry Potter Moment?

OMG! Harry Potter Series is my all time favorite series. To pick one specific moment is almost impossible. However, if I really have to choose a moment it will have to be when Hagrid picked up Harry Potter from a small island the Dursley what hidding in and said “You’re a wizard, Harry”. This moment is the turning point for Harry. His whole life changed with this one sentence and we are transported to the amazing world of Hogwarts, Diagon Alley and the magical part of London.


7. Blood and Gore: What book was so creepy that you had to take a break from it for awhile?

I will have to cheat on this question because this book gave me the chills from the front cover to the back and it is definitely worth mentioning and that is…

Through the Woods by Emily Carroll

through the woods

I love this graphic novel. I’ve read a lot of creepy/scary books, but this one, I can’t even describe the beautiful stories in it and the amazing pictures that left me awake at night!

That’s it for this book tag and I tag everyone who want to do this tag, then link me up so I can read your book tag!