SERIES SUNDAY: The Lunar Chronicles

I know it’s been awhile since I made a Series Sunday, but here’s a special one for those who hasn’t read this series yet. s

A wonderful re-telling of four classic fairy tales from our childhood. Cinder is a well known mechanic that is known all over New Beijing, the only problem is she’s a cyborg. When Prince Kai of the Commonwealth in search of the infamous mechanic, he wasn’t expecting Cinder, but as the two get to know each other, both of their world changes.

The synopsis that I gave to you made the series sound very love story-ish, but really its not. I may have not been a fan of the Lunar Chronicles from the beginning, but by the end of the series, I was totally in love everything about it.


  • THE BOOKS: That’s really a broad reason, but let me explain. These four books center four different protagonists, therefore, each book is different, but at the same time they are similar. Since the main story arc is centered on Cinder and her journey, we get a lot of her background story and her plight from earth. At the same time, Meyer is still able to create three other different protagonist that is just as well developed and beloved as Cinder.
  • SCARLET: Yes, Scarlet was the deal breaker for me. If you didn’t enjoy Cinder as much as everyone, at least try your hand with Scarlet. Cinder, definitely is not my favorite book in the series, but I became hooked with Scarlet.
  • WORLD BUILDING: I may not be a fan of Cinder, but the one reason that I picked up the second book is because of Meyer’s world building. I love everything in New Beijing and I think she description of things, people or anything is so vivid and I really love that in books, especially fantasy novels.
  • RELATIONSHIPS: I love books that has good relationships, that’s well developed and thought out. I also love books that have relationships that shows that the two people in the relationship can exists without each other. The main part of these books a lot of these couples are actually separate from each other, but that does not deter their feelings for each other and it doesn’t make them less of a person.
  • EQUALITY: I’m adding a 5th reason because this is an important point as well. Usually books with strong female characters, the male characters tend to be forgotten or not as well written. I think Meyer does a really good job in creating both her female and male characters. All four couples are well created and equally created.


Reader’s who enjoy…

  • Fantasy/Science Fiction Novels
  • Very well developed characters
  • Strong Female Characters with equally strong Male Characters
  • Royalty novels


Reader’s who doesn’t enjoy…

  • Fairy tale re-tellings
  • Ending all tied-up with a pretty bow
  • Fantasy/Science Fiction

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SERIES SUNDAY: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

After the death of Jacob’s father he wanted to learn more about his roots in a remote island off the coast of Wales. As he explores the island he stumbles upon an old abandoned school, where he realizes that it might not be as safe as it should be.

A lot of people opted to read the book since they have seen the movie. Unfortunately, I don’t really think the movie gave any justice to the first book. Although I wasn’t a fan of the first book, I did enjoy the series overall. Plus, I feel that the movie made me enjoy the book a lot more.


  • PICTURES: Ransom Riggs did a great job in incorporating old, black and white pictures in his books. The first one didn’t flow as well, but by the second and third he used the pictures as an advantage to enhance the story of the children
  • MINOR CHARACTERS: I wasn’t really a fan of Jacob, but I did enjoy the other children within the book. I don’t really want to go into details, but those that were introduced in the second book are a lot more peculiar than the first.
  • ACTION: There are so many things that happens in these three books that you won’t be bored in any of the chapters.
  • RISK: I feel that Riggs is a very risky author and he’s not really scared to tell his story the way he wants to. I feel that the ending of the whole trilogy is a bit on the conventional side, but everything else, I feel that Riggs did a great job.

Recommended for:

  • Reader’s who enjoys a novel filled with action and adventure
  • Those who enjoy stories with parallel universe
  •  Fans of Urban Fantasy

Not Recommended for:

  • Insta-love haters
  • Sensitive topic on children or animals getting hurt
  • Readers who are not fans of time travel novels

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SERIES SUNDAY: Gregor the Overlander Series by Suzanne Collins

Falling through a grate in his  laundry room, Gregor stumbles in a world under New York City that no human has ever seen before, the Underland. He realizes that he is has come to this place in a brink of war between the spiders, rats and cockroaches. Although, he has no wish to get in between these conflicts, he has found out that he must fulfil the prophecy that includes him in order to find out the mystery revolving his father’s disappearance.

Yes, this is the same author as The Hunger Games and yes, this series is just as good as her YA trilogy. If truth be told, I actually love this series a lot better than her trilogy, but this didn’t get as much hype as the latter. The way Collins wrote out the Underland it was very thorough and concise. Her battle scenes are all very well written and you can’t help but feel like you’re in the middle of the action. This is definitely a must read for everyone of all ages!

Reasons for Reading this Series:

  • WORLD: I love the authors  world building in this book, it is detailed and precise which is amazing considering its a middle grade book
  • FAMILY: The first book doesn’t necessarily focus on any one but Gregor, as the series continues we see more of his sister and mother and the bonds that they have. There really aren’t a lot of book like these and it was amazingly different.
  • MAIN CHARACTER: I love Gregor as a main characters. He’s very courageous, smart and very thoughtful towards the people he cares.
  • BATTLE SCENES: I definitely have to mention this because this really what set the series apart for me compared to other books. The battle scenes are breathtaking and its so well written that you are fully immersed in the action.

Recommended For:

Readers who…

  • Enjoys fast paced novels
  • Needs a good recommendation to introduce to their children
  • Are fans of Suzanne Collins writing
  • Enjoys Fantasy novel

Not Recommended For:

Readers who…

  • Doesn’t enjoy Middle Grade Books
  • Are not fans of Fantasy Novels
  • Doesn’t like insects: Spiders, Rats, Bats, etc.

SERIES SUNDAY: Jasper Dent Trilogy by Barry

Jasper Dent is the son of a famous serial killer. He knows everything that needs to know about becoming like his father, but choose to be a the good guy. In these stories, Jasper tries to help the local police to solve different cases that involves serial killers.

That description doesn’t really do justice to these books because these are amazing and it just gets better and better with each book. I’ve read my fair share of mystery books that is geared to the YA audience, but these books, by far, are the best.

Reasons for Reading this Trilogy:

  • CHARACTERS: I enjoyed all the characters in this book from the protagonist, Jasper Dent, all the way to the villains, Bill Dent. I love the way Lyga created his characters, it all very thought out and they grow from book to book.
  • VILLAIN: I understand that I already included the villains in my character reason, but I believe they needed to be even more highlighted as one of the reason to read this trilogy. I believe that its very difficult to create a villain that can give readers the chills, but Lyga was able to create not one, not two, but several villains that keeps you on your toes.
  • ENDING: The ending is amazing. Technically, there are two endings and both are equally amazing. I enjoy these types of ending when there is a concrete end to the stories of each characters that I hold dearly.
  • FRIENDSHIPS: We don’t really see a lot of friendships in these types of books, but the one that Jasper and Howie have is amazing. I enjoy their relationship a lot more than the love interest, although the relationship of Jasper and Connie is just as amazing.

Recommend for:

  • Readers who enjoys mystery and crime novels
  • Readers who enjoys good friendships in stories
  • Those who enjoy mysteries with serial killers
  • Fans of Criminal Minds and How To get away with Murder

Not Recommended for:

  • Readers who doesn’t like descriptive crime scenes
  • Those who doesn’t enjoy twist ending
  • Sensitive topic on violence on wormen, sexual abuse and female oppression. Not suggested for those who do not deal with these types of topics

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SERIES SUNDAY: The Book of Ivy by Amy Engel

This story focuses on the main character Ivy Westfall and her relationship with Bishop Lattimer. Ivy and Bishop live on an earth that has been decimated by nuclear war and the small community must rely on each other in order to survive. In this small community, it is divided into two sections, those who are well off, supporters of the Lattimers, and those who are not, supporters of Westfall. In order to prevent hostile actions, each year the opposing group must give their daughters for marriage to the sons of the other group. For Ivy, it is her turn this year to marry Bishop, but she also has another agenda, she must kill her husband.

For obvious reasons I won’t go into details on the second book, but it does start right after the events of the first book.

Reasons for Reading this duology:

  • THE RELATIONSHIP: I really enjoyed the relationship building of the two main characters in this book. In books like these we tend to get relationships that are instantaneous, which is unrealistic. However, for Ivy an Bishop, the progression of their feelings are understandable and believable.
  • POLITICS: I’m not a fan of political intrigue in books because they tend to be cutthroat. Although this book does focus on a lot of the political aspect of Westfall I actually enjoyed this part of the book. There are a lot of personal feelings between the two families and this affects the government of the town. This little intrigue is interesting and gives the story a small surprise twist.
  • MINOR CHARACTERS: The other characters introduced in the second book made this duology even better. I really enjoy the other characters and believe that they were able to contribute depth to the story. I really don’t want to discuss more regarding this part of the story because obviously it will reveal too much from both books.
  • THE ENDING: Although the book has different twists and turns, the ending is what sold the deal for me. Its a bittersweet ending and worthy of being read by everyone. Like I said previously, I really don’t want to discuss more about this because it is the ending. If you want to know the ending, read my review ^_^!

Recommended for:

  • Readers who enjoy dystopian books and revolves around the political aspect of the town
  • Fans of Romeo and Juliet
  • Readers who enjoys a good relationship building
  • Readers who enjoys a well written ending

Not recommended for:

  • Readers who doesn’t enjoy minimal world building
  • There is a scene regarding physical abuse between a couple. I won’t recommend this to those who are sensitive to these topics.
  • Readers who tend to not enjoy a weak protagonist. I’m not saying Ivy is a bad character, it just means Ivy is a bit of a push-over and some readers are not really a fan of these types of protagonists.

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