Top 5 Wednesday: Creepy Settings


October is the month to read all things scary and all things that goes bump in the night, but scary books must have one main thing, a scary setting, without the ominous feeling that the backdrop offers, the story tend to fall flat.

Here are 5 of my top favorite creepy settings. Great topic Sam! I will also include some great book recommendations that feature the particular setting

The woods/forest can either be an enchanting scenery or and ominous location, but for sure nothing is scarier than the woods/forest at night. The unexplored usually will give you the goosebumps and the chill down your spine Especially if someone or something is lurking behind its shadows.

In a Dark Dark Wood by Ruth Ware and Through the Woods by Emily Carroll are great examples of the dark and creepy woods and things that hide within its surroundings.

My Review of Through the Woods

Historical Events:
Yes, some historical events are not a laughing matter and should be handled with care, but there are some authors that use historical events to create an environment that will give you nightmares. While being respectful of the injured, they are still able to create a world that is only seen in your nightmares.

In the Shadow of Blackbirds by Cat Winters and Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscolca are two very recent reads for me, but they are perfect examples of authors using historical events to their advantage. While one takes Worlds War I and the Spanish Inlfuenza into a paranormal twist, the latter give the infamous Jack the Ripper a new face.

My Review on In the Shadow of Blackbirds

I have a thing about asylums. I know mental health should be taken seriously, but those few years that asylums were open and experimenting on people is just a setting that needs to be used by authors.

The Asylum Trilogy by Madeleine Laroux is one of the few books that I’ve read that is set in an asylum. Yes, I wasn’t a fan of either the first or third book, but the chills that the second book gave me was almost worth the read. Plus the pictures will send you over the edge. Dennis Lehane’s Shutter Island is a much better read that will leave you in shock by the end of the book, the movie was also pretty good.

My Review on Asylum.

Space and the Moon is also another one of those setting that is creepy because its the unknown. Very few has been out there and the majority of space has not yet been explored by humans. So of course we are not 100% sure that we are alone in this vast galaxy, definitely a very good setting for creepy books.

Most books I have read set on the moon is Science Fiction or Fantasy, but 172 Hours on the Moon is a book that everyone should read. Although I’m not a fan of the characters, the environment that Johan Harstad created is – everything. It’s been two years since I read this book, but it still gives me the creeps when I think about it.

My Review on 172 Hours on the Moon

172 Hours

Deserted Island/Rain:
‘One dark, Rainy night..’ Yes, it’s cliche, but rain and the dark is very effective in creating a creepy setting and it’s even more powerful when this ‘dark and rainy night’ is happening in a deserted island. Like I keep saying all throughout this post, its really more of the unknown that gives you the chills, and making the environment stormy is even more of a hazard to the protagonist(s).

Ten by Gretchen McNeil is not one of my favorite books, but the use of the creepy setting is definitely a plus on this book. Not so much deserted, but rather isolated, ten teens are stranded on the island with an impending storm, and a killer amidst them. This book definitely gave me some spine chilling moments. The Breakdown by B.A. Paris is also another great example of taking the environment and giving it a creepy twist. Although this book is not set in a deserted island, the main chill factor is the weather and a forest (which is my first point ^^). A recent read for me, its thrilling and will psychologically mess you up as you read it.


So that’s it for me this week on my Top 5! Hope you guys enjoyed it and comment down below on some of your favorite creepy settings. Also, give me recommendations for more scary/thriller books. Although I’m a scaredy cat, I enjoy getting zero sleep as I lay in my bed having an internal battle with my imagination!


Top 5 Book I Read Because of Booktubers


I participate in a lot of social medias concerning anything about books and reading, but the most influential for me is Goodreads, Booktubers and some Book Bloggers. However, for this post I’m going to be focusing on books I read because of some Booktuber’s recommendations.

Here is a list of Booktuber’s I subscribe to and most of these books I read because of their recommendations.

court of thorns and roses

I know that almost all of Maas’ books are all the rage since she started publishing, and this series is no exception. I watched countless of Youtubers review this book and read dozen’s of reviews, but I could never make up my mind to actually read it. Until I watch Bookable’s review for the last book. She made the trilogy sound so good that I just had to pick it up. I’m a big fan of of her reviews!


This is definitely another book that I picked up because of Booktubers, I may not have enjoyed it, but I’m glad that I gave it a go. Last year I joined the readathon, Spookathon, created by BooksandLala, Paige’s Page and Bookerly. They definitely gave this book such high ratings that I needed to check what the fuss is all about. Although, I wasn’t as in love with it as they are, I still enjoyed the way most of it that I’m willing to read more of Flynn’s books. (No, not Gone Girl)

the martian

I’m not entirely sure who reviewed this book and totally made me want to pick it up. I’m 90% sure that it’s Thoughts on Tomes, but I’m still doubting the 10%. Anyways, I remember the reviews on this book was phenomenal and although it took sometime to get used to the scientific jargon, I still highly enjoyed it.


Now for this book I’m not entirely sure who reviewed it and gave such high praises that I had to check it out, I want to say Read by Zoe, but I’m just not that confident. I wasn’t really sure what the book was about, so I was surprised that it was an erotic thriller. That being said, I still really enjoyed the story. I love the protagonist, the mystery and even the second book!

The Break Down

Although it’s not this particular book that was reviewed by the Booktuber, she did give the author a very good recommendation. So when DuvetDaysDevour hauled this book I knew I wanted to pick it up. This is one of my most recent reads and I actually enjoyed it. I like the writing, but not a fan of the ending. This author will definitely be on my radar for future books.

So that’s it for me this week. I actually enjoyed the Top 5 Wednesday this week.


Top 5: Books to Read without the Synopsis


Usually I’m very diligent in researching the books I read. I try to read the back of the book, reviews of other bloggers and even watch reviews of Booktubers, but when it comes to some books, its better to turn a blind eye on these things.

For this week’s Top 5 Wednesday, we are challenged to list 5 books that would be better to read without the help of reading the synopsis at the back or side panel.

Here is my list of books, I went into with little knowledge and loved!

I tried to include books from an assortment genres to give varieties to different book lovers. These books are definitely worth looking into and try to keep an open mind when picking it up.


Top 5: Classes Based on Books/Characters


This is a really interesting topic on Top 5 Wednesday this week. So, even though I’m a bit late, I couldn’t let the day go by without posting this.

So since school basically started two days ago here in Canada, I thought this was such a perfect topic! Basically, create classes/courses that is specific to certain book/character. I decided to go with the easy choice and use characters that would teach in my courses.

As per the host’s request I will not include Harry Potter in this list.

1. Self Defense Taught by Clarisse La Rue from Percy Jackson Series

Technically, I could have picked from a dozen or so other candidates for this class, but Clarisse is definitely my top choice, because she’s the daughter of Ares, God of War. Who better than her to teach others the art of defensive combat.

2. Analytical Thinking 101 Taught by Sherlock Holmes/Assisted by Hercule Poirot

These two are the top of the line teachers for this class. This, I think, will always have max capacity.

3. Art and Baking for Beginners Taught by Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games

Art is a very useful skill as seen in The Hunger Games, not only do you get beautiful decorated cakes, but its a very good skill for camouflaging items or even ones self.

4. Mechanics Taught by Cinder from The Lunar Chronicles

I enjoy characters who are knowledgeable in areas that are not typical for their ‘gender’. No I’m not stereotyping, but some authors still do and I do enjoy authors who write outside the norm. Cinder is definite winner for teaching Mechanics of any kinds. Not just the regular car/plane/ship mechanics, but also robotics.

5. History Taught by Edward Cullen from The Twilight Series

Yes. I know a lot of people hate History, but since I’m a History major and it’s technically my post, I’m adding History. Who better than an immortal to teach History? Of course I could have picked any immortal, but right now, front and center in my mind is Edward Cullen. I’m not a fan of Twilight, but it is a fact that Edward has been around for sometime now.


So that’s it for me this week. Hope everyone enjoyed this topic as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Top 5 Books From Before I Joined Goodreads


Goodreads is such a lovely haven for book lovers. Not only are you able to keep track of the books you’ve read or reading, but its such an amazing place to socialize with other book lovers. Truth be told, I’m totally dependent on Goodreads, before I pick up a book, I usually check reviews on and rating. I also keep track of the books I’ve read and even have a reading goal for the year.

Even with all its glory, there are some books that I absolutely adore, that I found all on my own.

Harry Potter by J.K RowlingHarryPotter

Yes, I know this books is always on my list, but I just can’t help it. This is actually one of those few books that I’ve read and enjoyed without the help of Goodreads.

Pendragon by D.J MacHale

I loved this series growing up. When I first got a hold of these books, I inhaled them one by one and the only reason the steamed evaporated is I got tired of waiting for them to be released.

A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket

This is also another series that I enjoyed reading before I joined Goodreads. Now that I’ve re-read some of the books recently, I still love the series!

The Neverending Story by Michale EndeThe Neverending Story

This is an oldie, but a goldie. Love the story so much and definitely needs to be re-read. No, this was not a school read, but it doesn’t matter because its such an amazing book, a lot better than the movie!

Agatha Christie Novels

I’ve been reading Agatha Christie novels for so long now that I don’t even know when I first picked them up. I definitely started reading it way before I started Goodreads.

Top 5 Character’s Fitness Training


When I think of Fitness Training I think gym, sweat and a lot of body ache, but for this week’s Top 5, Sam let us run our imaginations on our type of ‘Fitness’ Training.

Seriously, for me, when I read this title it didn’t hit me with so much as character’s gym routine, but rather the training that specific characters went through in order to be the best they could be as a protagonist.

Here is my Top 5 character’s who’s training I would endure, on a chance that I could be as good as them:

Poison Study by Maria Snyder

It’s been years since I first read this book and I loved every minute of it. I love the story, the world building and most of all I love the protagonist. I really enjoy her strength and endurance during this time of difficulties. I would definitely love to be able to train with Valek, and learn all the different poison known to men. Also, to build immunity to some of the deadlier poison, is pretty impressive. I also don’t mind the physical training that she had with some of the soldiers.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

You would think I would want the training that Katniss has with the bow and arrow, of course I do, but I think what’s more impressive is Peeta’s ability to contour himself to his surroundings. Definitely a training that I would love to learn!

All the Poirot Novels by Agatha Christie

I’m a sucker for mystery novels, and even more of a sucker for really well thought out plan in solving the mystery. Hercule Poirot definitely would be the best trainer for any aspiring detectives. If he’s able to train my little grey cells to think like him, that’s definitely something I would love to consider.

Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas

Yes, I’m not a fan of Celeana and no, I’m really not in the mood to explain why. However, since we are taking about training, I really can’t ignore the fact that Celeana is an amazing fighter. Half of the novel in Throne of Glass shows exactly how good she is, so I definitely would love to have her type of training. Yes, its very physical, and No, I really don’t have the upper body strength to climb anything, but one can wish.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan

As you can tell from my list, I would enjoy both the training of the mind and body. Annabeth has these two both in her characteristics. Technically, I expect nothing less from the daughter of Athena. So what better way than to train as Annabeth would. Can’t hurt being both strong and smart!





Top 5: Second Book is Best


It is very rare that I find a trilogy/series that I enjoyed the second book a lot more than the first. I think this is a Top 5 that I might not get to 5.

Scarlet1. Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

I never hid the fact that I’m not a fan of the Lunar Chronicles until the end of the series. I barely finished Cinder and was actually thinking of not proceeding with the series, but I’m glad that I did and ย its all thanks to Scarlet. I loved every minute of this book and I couldn’t put it down. Scarlet and Wolfe are relationship goals! Definitely one of those rare moments when the second book won me over.

2. The Battle at the Labyrinth by Rick Riordan

I’m a fan of Percy Jackson, but not until this book. I enjoyed the other three books, this books, however, made me love the whole series. I love the concept of the maze and the different twist and turns within it.

3. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K Rowling

I might be cheating on this one because technically this was the first book I read in the series. Yes, you heard me correct. I totally skipped HP1 and HP2, and started with the Prisoner of Azkaban. So therefore, this third book has remained my favorite ever since and for me it’s just better than the first two.

every trick on the book4. Every Trick in the Book by Lucy Arlington

This is one of the cozy mystery that I enjoyed reading last year and its the second book in the series. Technically in cozies you don’t need to read the first book to understand the consecutive books, but I enjoyed this a lot more only because you already know the people, the protagonists and I think the mystery is a lot more developed.

5. The Revolution of Ivy by Amy Engel

Technically, this is the second book in the series, but its also the last. I’m including this books because I believe that it was the best in comparison to the first. I love the character development of the main/minor characters and the world development, that is included, also improved. The fact that Engel’s writing vastly improve in this book, I think she deserves to be included in the list!


That’s it for me on this week’s Top 5 Wednesday! ^_^